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AristAlbumi nimiHindAasta
220 VoltEye To Eye7.01988
220 VoltPower Games7.01984
44 MagnuDanger7.01984
AC/DCBlow Up Your Video13.01988
AC/DCFlick Of The Switch (sealed)16.01983
AC/DCFlo On the Wall14.01985
AcceptHungry Years9.01982
AcceptMetal Masters (2 Lp)27.01984
AcceptMetal Masters (2 Lp)15.01984
AcceptRestless And Wild21.01982
Adrian BelewTwang Bar King9.01983
AerosmithDraw The Line14.01977
AerosmithDude/Once is Enough/Movie (Looks Like A Lady) 12" Maxi11.01987
AerosmithLive! Promo (2 LP)20.01978
AerosmithPermanent Vacation16.01987
After HoursTake Off7.01988
AftermathDon`t Sheep Me Up23.01988
A-HaCast of Steel (sealed)16.52015
A-HaLiving Daylights (Maxi)5.01987
A-HaMove To Memphis (Maxi)8.01981
A-HaScoundrel Days10.01986
A-HaStay On These Roads15.01988
A-HaSun Always Shines On TV. (Maxi)7.01985
A-HaTrain Of Thought (Maxi)8.01986
Al Di MeolaCasino7.01978
Al Di MeolaElectric Rendezvous13.01982
Al Di MeolaLand of the Midnight Sun7.01976
AlcatrazzNo Parole from Rock`n`Roll (Live with Graham Bonnet)11.01984
AlcatrazzNo Parole from Rock`n`Roll (With Graham Bonnet)9.01983
Alice CooperAlice Cooper Show10.0
Alice CooperConstrictor7.01986
Alice CooperDaDa (1983)12.01983
Alice CooperEarly Recordings (2 LP)13.01973
Alice CooperFreak Out Song13.01985
Alice CooperGreatest Hits13.01974
Alice CooperHey Stoopid (12" Maxi)5.01991
Alice CooperKiller15.01971
Alice CooperMuscle Of Love (papist ümbriseta)9.01973
Alice CooperMuscle Of Love (Saksa esipress)21.01973
Alice CooperZipper Catches Skin10.01982
Alice CooperTrash7.01989
Alison MoyetAlf7.01984
Alison MoyetRaindancing7.01988
AlmightyBlood, Fire & Love19.01989
AlphavilleAfternoons In Utopia10.01989
AlphavilleForever Young (Special dance Mix)5.01984
AngelWhite Hot12.01977
Antony Phillips198412.01981
Antony PhillipsWise After The Event13.01978
April WineAnimal Grace9.01984
April WineFirst Glance9.01978
April WineForever For Now19.01976
April WinePower Play9.01982
April WineStand Back19.91975
April WineThe Nature Of The Beast18.01981
April WineWalking Trough Fire9.01985
ArcadiaPromise (12" Maxi 45 RPM)7.01985
ArgentHold Your Head Up013.01972
Art Of NoiseIn Visible Silence9.01989
Art Of NoiseIn no siense? Nonsense!7.01987
Art Of NoiseMoments In Love5.01985
Art Of NoiseWho`s Afraid Of?8.01986
AutographLoud And Clear7.01987
AutographThat`s The Stuff7.01985
B.B.KingAnthologi of trh Blues 1949-195016.01968
B.B.KingB. B. King Volume 112.01972
Bachman, Turner, OverdriveBachman–Turner Overdrive7.01973
Bachman, Turner, OverdriveHead On5.01975
Bachman, Turner, OverdriveHead On (täieliku ümbrisega - 4x LP plakat)8.01975
Bachman, Turner, OverdriveNot Fragile8.01974
Bad CompanyBad Company12.01974
Bad CompanyFame and Fortune9.01986
Bad CompanyRough Diamonds9.01982
Bad CompanyStraight Shooter10.01975
Balaam & The AngelLive Free Or Die12.01988
Beatles20 Greatest Hits9.01982
Beatles28 Beatle-Hits for Teens7.01970
BeatlesAt the Hollywood Bowl15.01965
BeatlesBeatles Beeat15.0
BeatlesBeatles for Sale 23.01964
BeatlesEarly Beatles15.0
BeatlesGoldies (A Collection of Beatles)17.91971
BeatlesKresten Korsbaek plays Classical Guitar5.01985
BeatlesLive! At The Star Club, Hamburg, Germany 196210.01984
BeatlesLove Songs (2 LP)11.01977
BeatlesRed Album 1962-1966 (2 LP Blue)20.01967
BeatlesRed Album 1962-1966 (2 LP Red)20.01970
BeatlesRock`n`Roll Music, Volume 210.01976
BeatlesTalk Downunder19.01981
BeatlesTimeless (picturedisc)19.01981
Beatles & John LennonRock`n`Roll (3 LP Box)19.01975
Beck, Bogert, AppiceBeck, Bogert, Appice10.01973
BerlinCount Three & Pray7.01986
Bernie MardsenAnd About Time Too (Jaapani vaheleht)23.0
Bernie MardsenHeartt Of The Storm8.01984
Bill BrufordGradually Going Tornado15.01980
Billy CobhamIncoming7.01989
Billy CobhamInner Conflicts11.01978
Billy CobhamMagic (vaheleht)10.01977
Billy CobhamTotal Eclipse10.01974
Billy Cobham - George Duke Band"Live" On Tour In Europe7.01976
BlackWonderful Life9.01988
BlackWonderful Life, Life Calls, Had Enough, All We Need Is The Money (12" Maxi)5.01987
Black & BlueWith Out Love7.01985
Black & BlueNasty Nasty7.01986
Black SabbathBorn Again10.01983
Black SabbathBorn Again21.01983
Black SabbathEternal Idol12.01987
Black SabbathMob Rules17.01981
Black SabbathSeventh Star14.01986
BlackfootVertical Smiles10.01984
Blackfoot & Rick MedlockeBlackfoot & Rick Medlocke12.01986
Blue Ridger Rangers (John Fogerty)Blue Ridger Rangers7.01973
Blue Öster CultOn Your Feet or on Your Knees (2 LP)14.01975
Bob DylanAt Budokan (2LP) raamatuga18.01978
Bob DylanBasement Tapes (2 LP)8.01975
Bob DylanBob Dylan17.01967
Bob DylanBob Dylan`s Greatest Hits Vol.III7.01978
Bob DylanEmpire Burlesque7.01985
Bob DylanGreatest Hits14.01966
Bob DylanGreatest Hits9.01967
Bob DylanHighway 61 Revisted (USA)7.01967
Bob DylanKnocked Out Loaded11.01986
Bob DylanNashville Skyline15.01969
Bob DylanNew Morning11.01970
Bob DylanOh Mercy9.01989
Bob DylanPlanets Waves12.01974
Bob DylanSaved9.01980
Bob DylanSelf Portrait (2 LP) UK 18.01970
Bob DylanShot Of Love18.01981
Bob DylanStreet Legal7.01978
Bob Dylan/The BandBefore The Flood (2 LP)13.01974
Bolland & BollandThe Domino Theory8.01982
Bon Jovi7800? Fahrenheit8.01985
Bon JoviBlaze Of Glory - Young Guns II7.01990
Bon JoviBon Jovi7.01984
Bon JoviNew Jersey7.01988
Bon JoviSlippery When Wet8.01986
Boney MBoonoonooonooos9.01981
Boney MC60-111747.0
Boney MGreatest Hits Of All Times Remix`889.01988
Boney MLove For Sale7.01977
Boney MMegamix - extended version (Megamix, Rasputin, Megamix)7.01988
Boney MNightflight To Venus8.01978
Boney MOcean Of Fantasy8.01979
Boney MOcean Of Fantasy (plakatiga)12.01979
BonfireHard On Me9.01989
BostonBoston (picturedisc)10.0
BostonDont Look Back8.01978
Bow WowowHoly Expedition (Japan)9.01983
Box of FrogsDon Felder/Jeff Beck, Rory Gallager, Jim McCarty, Paul Samwell7.01984
Brand XDoThey Hurt?7.01980
Brand XLivestock8.01977
Brand XMasques11.01978
Brand XMoroccan Roll11.01977
Brand XNoddy Goes To Sweden/Pool Room Blues/Soho 12" Maxi8.01978
Brand XProduct9.01979
Bruce SpringsteenBorn In The USA8.01984
Bruce SpringsteenBorn To Run9.01975
Bruce SpringsteenHuman Touch7.01992
Bruce SpringsteenLucky Town20.01992
Bruce SpringsteenNebraska9.01982
Bruce SpringsteenThe River (2 LP)10.01980
Bruce SpringsteenWrecking Ball (2 LP)10.02012
Bruce Springsteen & the e Street Band Live 1975-85 5 Lp Box19.01986
Bryan AdamsBryan Adams7.01980
Bryan AdamsCuts Like A Knife7.01983
Bryan AdamsHeat Of The Night (12" Maxi)5.01987
Bryan AdamsIn To The Fire7.01987
Bryan AdamsReckless7.01983
Bryan AdamsYou want it - You Got It7.01981
Bryan FerryBete Noire7.01987
Bryan FerryBoys And Girls7.01985
Bryan FerryBryan Ferry8.01971
Bryan FerryBryan Ferry7.01974
Bryan FerryIn Your Mind7.01977
Bryan FerryLet`s Stick Together7.01976
Bryan FerryBride Stripped Bare8.01978
Bryan FerryUltimate Collection8.01988
BudgieBest Of29.01976
BudgieIn For The Kill37.01974
Butterfly ball And The Grasshopper`s PeastRoger Glover And Quest (Glenn Hughes)29.01974
Carmine AppiceCarmine Appice12.01987
Cary Barton/Chick CoreaDuet12.01979
Cheep TrickAll Shook Up7.01980
Cheep TrickAt Budokan (2 LP)8.01979
Cheep TrickBusted7.01990
Cheep TrickNext Position Please7.01983
Cheep TrickThe Doctor7.01986
Chick CoreaFriends11.01978
Chick CoreaSong Of Singing25.0
Chick CoreaSecret Agent12.01978
Chick CoreaThree Quartes9.01981
Chick Corea/Steve KujalaVoyage10.01984
Chris De BurghAt The End Of A Perfect Day7.01977
Chris De BurghBest Moves7.01981
Chris De BurghCrusaders7.01979
Chris De BurghEastern Wind7.01980
Chris De BurghFar Beyond These Castle Walls...7.01975
Chris De BurghFlaying Colours7.01988
Chris De BurghGetaway7.01982
Chris De BurghI Love The Night (12" maxi)5.01986
Chris De BurghIn To The Light7.01986
Chris De BurghMan On Line7.01984
Chris De BurghSpanish Train And Other Stories7.01975
Chris FarloweHot Property (2 LP)8.01983
Chris ReaChris Rea7.01981
Chris ReaDancing With Strangers7.01987
Chris ReaOn The Beach (2" Maxi)5.01986
Chris ReaShamrock Diaries9.01985
Chris ReaWater Sign7.01983
Chris ReaWired To the Moon7.01984
Christine McVieChristine McVie7.01984
CindarellaLong Gold Winter14.01988
CindarellaNight Songs12.01986
Classix NouveauxLa Verite7.01982
Classix NouveauxLiberty7.01981
Classix NouveauxNight People9.01981
Colosseum Live (2 LP)15.01971
Colosseum Collectors Colosseum (2 LP)16.01971
Colosseum IISavage (Gary Moore, Don Airey, John Mole, Jon Hiseman)15.01977
Coney HatchConey Hatch8.01982
Coney HatchOuta Hand9.01983
Cozy PowellOctopuss9.01983
Cozy PowellOver The Top11.01979
Cozy PowellTilt16.01981
Creedence Clearwater RevivalBayou Country (Fantasy)12.01969
Creedence Clearwater RevivalBayou Country (Fantasy) sealed19.91969
Creedence Clearwater RevivalCosmo`s Factory8.01970
Creedence Clearwater RevivalCreedence Clearwater Revival16.92008
Creedence Clearwater RevivalCreedence Gold15.01972
Creedence Clearwater RevivalCreedence Gold10.01972
Creedence Clearwater RevivalGreen River15.01969
Creedence Clearwater RevivalMardi Gras17.01972
Creedence Clearwater RevivalPendulum12.01970
Creedence Clearwater RevivalPendulum/Cosmos factory (2 LP) sealed16.51978
Creedence Clearwater RevivalThe fantastic Creedence Clearwater Revival8.01980
Creedence Clearwater RevivalThe Royal Albert Hall Concert15.01980
Crosby, Stills & NashDaylight Again7.01982
Crosby, Stills & NashLive It Up7.01990
Crosby, Stills, Nash & YoungAmerican Dream12.01988
CrossStrange Frontier9.01984
Cross (Roger Taylor - Queen)MAD: BAD: And Dangerous To Know9.01990
Cross (Roger Taylor - Queen)Shove It13.01987
CrusadosAfter Dark7.01987
D.A.D.D.A.D. Craws A Circle8.01987
Dave StewartSpiritual Cowboys7.01990
Dave Stewart And The Spiritual CowboysHonest7.01991
David BowieAnthology of (2 LP) 6 pieces Sandie Shaw, Kinks & others10.01985
David BowieBeginning Vol.225.01973
David BowieCat People By Giorgio Moroder8.01982
David BowieChangesbowie (2 LP)29.01990
David BowieChangesonebowie11.01976
David BowieDavid Bowie - Profile - DECCA8.01979
David BowieLive (2 LP)17.01974
David BowieLov e You Till Tuesday UK (1964/66/67)17.01984
David BowieNever Let Me Down10.01987
David BowiePicture disc - Interview (Danmark)13.0
David BowiePicture disc - Let`s Talk - Rare interview13.0
David BowieStage (2 LP)25.01978
David BowieTonight9.01984
David BowieYoung Ameicans13.01975
David Bowie/Mick JaggerDancing in the Street9.01984
David CrosbyOm Yes I Can7.01989
David Lee RothA Little Ain`t Enough8.01991
David Lee RothCalifornia Girls (posteriga)7.01985
David Lee RothSensible Shoes5.01991
Debbie HarryRockbird7.01986
Debbie Harry/BlondieOnce more Into The Bleach8.01988
Deep PurpleDeep Purple26.0
Deep PurpleBest of Deep Purple11.01987
Deep PurpleBook of Taliesyn26.01968
Deep PurpleBurn16.51974
Deep PurplePurple Reople (UK)18.01973
Deep PurpleDeep Purple26.0
Deep PurpleDeep Purple In Rock21.01970
Deep PurpleDeep Purple In Rock12.0
Deep PurpleDeep Purple singles a`S and b`S18.0
Deep PurpleFireball19.01971
Deep PurpleHouse of the Blue Light (Melodija)5.01987
Deep PurpleIn Rock12.0
Deep PurpleMachine Heat - In Concert `7218.02012
Deep PurpleLive In London9.01982
Deep PurpleMachine Head ( LP + 7" single )18.01972
Deep PurpleMachine Head26.01972
Deep PurpleMade In Europe12.01976
Deep PurpleMade In Japan (2 LP)7.01972
Deep PurpleMark I & II (2 LP)15.01974
Deep PurpleMark II (Purple singles)9.01972
Deep PurpleLast concert in japan17.01987
Deep PurpleLive In London9.01974
Deep PurpleNobody`s Perfect (2 LP)12.01988
Deep PurplePowerhouse (Live 72)11.01977
Deep PurpleSingles A`s ja B`s18.0
Deep PurpleStormbringer16.51974
Deep PurpleWho Do We Think We Are?19.01973
Def LeppardPhyromania10.01983
Depeche ModeA Brocken Frame14.01982
Depeche ModeA Questin of Lust9.01986
Depeche ModeA Questin of Time/Black Celebration/More than Party (45 Rpm 2" Maxi)11.01986
Depeche ModeConstruction Time Again12.01983
Depeche ModeEverything Counts and Live side (four tracks)14.01983
Depeche ModeGet The Balance Right And Live Tracks9.01983
Depeche ModeIt`s Called a Heart/Fly On the Windscree/It`s Called a Heart/45 Rpm Maxi9.01985
Depeche ModeIt`s Called a Heart/Fly On the Windscree/45 Rpm Maxi9.01985
Depeche ModeJust can`t get Enough/Any Second Now (12" Maxi 45 Rpm)10.01981
Depeche ModeLeave In Silence (Maxi)12.01982
Depeche ModeMaster And Servant9.01981
Depeche ModeMeaning of Love/Oberkorn (2" maxi 45Rpm)9.01982
Depeche ModeMusic For The Masses17.01987
Depeche ModeNew Life/shout (12" Maxi 45Rpm)4.01981
Depeche ModeShake The Disease/Master& Servant/Flexible/Something to Do (12" Maxi 45 Rpm)7.01985
Depeche ModeSome Great Reward13.01984
Derek And The DominosDerek And The Dominos in Concert24.01973
DevoFreedom Of Choice20.01980
DevoFreedom Of Choice/Whip it/Girl U Want/Gates of Steel/Be Stiff/Planet Earth10.01981
DioIntermission (2" Maxi)14.01986
DioThe Last In line7.01984
Dire StraitsAlchemy (Live) 2 LP11.01984
Dire StraitsCommunique19.01979
Dire StraitsDire Straits9.01978
Dire StraitsMaking Movies7.01980
Dirty LooksTurn The Screw7.01989
Dirty Strangers with Ronnie Wood, Keith Richards and guest starsDirty Strangers9.01986
DokkenDream Warriors7.01987
DokkenBack For The Attack7.01987
DokkenBeast from the East ( 2 LP )9.01988
DokkenBreakin`the Chains16.01982
DokkenTooth and Nail9.01984
DokkenUnder Lock And Key7.01985
Don DokkenUp from the Ashes8.0199
Don FelderAirborne7.01983
Don HenleyBuilding The Perfect Beast7.01984
Don HenleyEnd Of The Innocence7.01989
Don HenleyI Can`t Stand Still7.01982
DoorsAn American (2 LP)22.01978
DoorsLive at the Hollywood Bowl16.01987
DoorsMorrison Hotel19.0
DoorsOther Voices19.01971
Doug "Cosmo"CliffordDoug "Cosmo"Clifford5.01972
Dukes Of DixielandCarnegie Hall Concert7.01988
Duran DuranBig Thing8.01988
Duran DuranDecade7.0
Duran DuranDuran Duran10.01981
Duran DuranLiberty7.01990
Duran DuranDuranduran7.0
Duran DuranMeet El Presidente (12" Maxi)7.01986
Duran DuranNotorious7.01986
Duran DuranRio14.01982
Duran DuranSeven and the Ragged Tiger10.01983
Duran DuranThe Reflex (Maxi Singel)7.01984
EaglesGreatest Hits Voume 27.01982
EaglesLive (2 LP)12.01980
EaglesLong Run (2 LP)8.01979
EaglesOn The Border7.01974
EaglesOne Of These Nights9.01975
EaglesTheir Greatest Hits 1971-19758.01976
EarthshakerBlondie Girl (suure plakatiga)10.01983
Edgar WinterJasmine Nightdreams7.01975
Edgar WinterEdgar Winter Album7.01979
Electric FlackBand Kept Playing11.01974
Electric Light OrchestraA New World Record7.01976
Electric Light OrchestraDiscovery8.01979
Electric Light OrchestraEldorado10.01974
Electric Light OrchestraElectric Light Orchestra7.01982
Electric Light OrchestraELO`s Greatest Hits JET LX 5257.01973
Electric Light OrchestraFace The Music8.01975
Electric Light OrchestraJoyride (OST)7.01977
Electric Light OrchestraOle Elo8.01976
Electric Light OrchestraOn the Thyrd Day10.01973
Electric Light OrchestraOut Of The Blue (2LP) plakatist vahelehega18.01977
Electric Light OrchestraSecret Messages7.01983
Electric Light OrchestraShowdown, Roll Over Beethoven, 10538 Overture and more...10.01973
Electric Light OrchestraTime8.01981
Electric Light OrchestraXanadu (OST) with Olivia Newton John8.01980
Elton John11/17/19707.01971
Elton John21 AT 337.01980
Elton JohnBlue Moves (2 LP)11.01976
Elton JohnBreaking Hearts7.01984
Elton JohnCaptain Fantastic (2 raamatut ja plakat)10.01975
Elton JohnCaribou7.01974
Elton JohnDont Shoot Me, I`m Only The Pianoplayer7.01972
Elton JohnDont Shoot Me, I`m Only The Pianoplayer (raamatuga)12.01972
Elton JohnDouble (2 LP)8.01979
Elton JohnGreatest Hits7.01972
Elton JohnGreatest Hits (UK)11.01972
Elton JohnGreatest Hits II7.01977
Elton JohnHere And There7.01976
Elton JohnIce On Fire7.01985
Elton JohnIsland Girl (3 LP Box)8.01978
Elton JohnJump Up!8.01982
Elton JohnLady Samantha7.01980
Elton JohnLeather Jackets7.01986
Elton JohnLondon And New York7.01976
Elton JohnMadman Across the Water (raamatuga)9.01971
Elton JohnPop Chronic (2 LP)9.0
Elton JohnReg Strikes Back8.01988
Elton JohnRock Of The Westies7.01975
Elton JohnSingle Man8.01978
Elton JohnThe Fox7.01981
Elton JohnThe New Collection * Volume Two7.01984
Elton JohnThe Very Best Of (2 LP)11.01990
Elton JohnToo Low For Zero7.01983
Elton JohnTumbleweed Connection 10.01971
Elton JohnVictim Of Love7.01979
Emerson, Lake & PalmerEmerson, Lake & Palmer12.01971
Emerson, Lake & PalmerIn Concert9.01979
Emerson, Lake & PalmerLove Beach9.01978
Emerson, Lake & PalmerPictures at an Exebition8.01971
Emerson, Lake & PalmerTrilogy13.01972
Emerson, Lake & PalmerWelcome Back, my friends to show that never ends - 3 LP19.01974
Emerson, Lake & PowellEmerson, Lake & Powell (RTB)7.01986
ErasureI Dosen`t Have To Be (12 " Maxi)5.01987
ErasureShip of Fools/River Deep Mountain High/When I Neede You (12" Maxi 45 Rpm)4.91988
Eric Clapton461 Ocean Boulevard8.01974
Eric ClaptonAugust8.01986
Eric ClaptonEric Clapton7.01970
Eric ClaptonCream of Eric Clapton9.01987
Eric ClaptonEric Clapton`s Rainbow Concert8.01973
Eric ClaptonHistory Of Eric Clapton (2 LP)8.01972
Eric ClaptonPilgrim (2 LP)20.01998
Eric ClaptonOld Shock (2 LP)7.02013
Eric ClaptonThe Best Of Eric Clapton (Karussell)7.01970
Eric ClaptonThe Best Of Eric Clapton9.01970
Eric ClaptonTime Pieces - The Best Of Eric Clapton7.01982
Eric ClaptonTime Pieces II - "Live" in the Seventies (UK)7.01982
Eric Clapton+YeardbyrdsFaces and places (Vol.3)12.0
EuropeOut Of This Orld7.01988
EuropeFinal Countdown8.01986
EuropeWings Of Tomorrow7.01984
EurythmicsDouch Dance7.01984
EurythmicsMissionary Man (12" 45 Rpm maxi)5.01987
EurythmicsRight By Your Side/Something Else 45 RPM 12" Maxi5.01983
EurythmicsWe Too Are One7.01989
Faster PussycatFaster Pussycat10.01987
Feargal SharkeyFeargal Sharkey7.01985
Feargal SharkeySongs for Mardi Gras7.01991
Feargal SharkeyWish7.01988
FirmMean Business7.01986
FishVigil In A Wilderness Of Mirrors8.01990
Fish/Tony BanksShort Cut To Somewhere5.01986
FistTurn to Hell17.01980
Fleetwood MacBest Of9.0
Fleetwood MacBest Of10.01969
Fleetwood MacFleetwood Mac7.01975
Fleetwood MacGreatest Hits7.01971
Fleetwood MacHeroes Are Hard To Find13.01974
Fleetwood MacI`m Not Me8.01983
Fleetwood MacLive (2 LP)15.01980
Fleetwood MacMirage7.01982
Fleetwood MacMystery To Me10.0
Fleetwood MacPlay On17.01969
Fleetwood MacTango In The Night7.01987
Fleetwood MacThen Play On17.01969
Fleetwood MacTusk (2 LP)10.01979
Fleetwood MacVisitors9.0
Fleetwood Mac And Christine PerfectAlbatross10.0
Flying PicetsLive7.01984
Flying PicetsLast Boys7.01984
FMIniscreet + Picture disc - That Girl (2 LP)15.01986
FocusHamburger Concerto13.01972
FocusHamburger Concerto (UK)21.01972
FocusLive At The Rainbow (algne avatav reljeefne ümbris)17.01973
FocusMoving Waves (2 LP)14.01977
FogathRock and Roll Outlaws7.01974
ForeignerInside Information8.01987
Frank MarinoJuggernaut13.01982
Frank MarinoPower of Rock and Roll9.01979
Frank Marino & Mahagony RushLive7.01978
Frank Marino & Mahagony RushTales Of the Unexpected7.01979
Frank Marino & Mahagony RushWhat`s Next7.01981
Frank Marino & Mahagony RushWorld Anthem11.01977
Frank ZappaAphostrophe (`)10.01974
Frank ZappaChunga`s Revenge21.0
Frank ZappaJoe`s Garage Act I.10.01979
Frank ZappaRoxy & Elsewhere (2 LP)19.01974
Frank ZappaSheik Yerbouti (2 LP)15.01979
Frank ZappaThem Or Us19.01984
Frank ZappaTinsel Town Rebellion (2 Lp)19.01981
Frank ZappaYou Are What You Is (2 Lp)24.01981
Frank ZappaˇAnd The Mothers Of InventionWealsels Ripped My Flesh17.0
Freddie MercuryMister Bad Guy16.01985
FreeFree ja Easy, Rough ja Ready7.01976
Gary Burton/ Chick CoreaDuet12.01979
Gary MooreAfter The War9.01989
Gary MooreAnthology 2 Lp12.01986
Gary MooreG-Force9.01980
Gary MooreLive At The Marquee7.01987
Gary MooreRockin` Every Night (Live in Japan)13.0
Gary MooreRun for Cover8.01985
Gary MooreWe Want Moore! (2 LP)11.01984
Gary MooreVictims Of The Future11.01983
Gary MooreWild Frontier10.01987
Gary NumanDance12.01981
Gary NumanI, Assassin7.0
Gary NumanNew Anger9.0
Gary Numan/ReplicasTubeway Army12.01979
Genesis.. And Then There Were Three...7.01978
GenesisAwed Man Out (The 1975 British Tour)14.01975
GenesisInvisible Touch (12" Maxi)5.01986
GenesisSeconds Out 2Lp8.01977
GenesisThree Sides Live13.01982
GeordieHope You Lake It29.01973
George Benson20/207.01985
George BensonBest Of George Benson7.01980
George BensonGive Me the Night7.01980
George BensonIn Concert feat. George Duvivier7.0
George BensonIn Your Eyes7.01983
George BensonLivin`Inside Your Love (2 LP)9.01979
George BensonLove Songs7.01985
George BensonTeaser (Extended Remix) Maxi 7:305.01987
George DukeBeach For It9.01977
George DukeDon`t Let Go8.01978
George DukeDream On9.01982
George DukeFollow The Rainbow12.01979
George DukeFrom Me to You7.01977
George DukeGeorge Duke10.01986
George DukeGuardian Of The Light12.01983
George DukeMaster Of The Game7.01979
George DukeRendevouz7.01984
George DukeThief in Night11.01985
George HarrisonBest Of 11.01988
George HarrisonBest of Darkhorse8.01989
George HarrisonCloud Nine9.01987
George HarrisonDark Horse (vaheleht)19.01974
George HarrisonGone Troppo9.01982
George HarrisonSomewhere In England10.01981
George HarrisonThirty Three & 1/30 12.01976
Georgia SatellitesOphen All Night5.01988
GiantLast of the Runaways10.01989
GirlschoolScreaming Blue Murder10.01982
GirlschoolNightmare at Maple Cross12.01986
Glenn FreyNo Fun Aloud 7.01982
GodzNothing Is Sacred7.01979
GodzPower Rock from USA17.01978
GodzI`ll Get You Rockin`12.01985
Graham BonnetGraham Bonnet19.01977
Grand FunkPhoenix29.91972
Grand FunkPhoenix12.01972
Grand Funk RailroadAll the Girls in the World Beware!!!14.01974
Grand Funk RailroadGrand Funk Lives11.01981
Grand Funk RailroadLive Album (2 LP)9.01971
Grand Funk RailroadMasters of rock8.0
Grand Funk RailroadWhat`s Funk?9.01983
Great WhiteOn Your Knees - The First LP9.01982
Great White... Twice She12.01989
Guns`n`RosesIllusion " (2 LP9) sealed28.01991
Guns`n`RosesIt`s So Easy and Mr.Brownstone24.01987
Gyllene Tider (Roxett)1979-1989 Instant Hits! 2 Lp8.01989
Gyllene Tider (Roxett)Gyllene Tider7.01979
Gyllene Tider (Roxett)Moderna Tider (with bonus 7" single)10.01981
Gyllene Tider (Roxett)Puls8.01982
Gyllene Tider (Roxett)The Heartland Cafe7.01984
Hanoi RocksBack To Mystery City21.01984
HeadpinsLoine of Fire8.01983
HeadpinsTurn it Loud12.01982
HeartAlone/Barracuda/magic (12" 45Rpm Maxi)7.01987
HeartBad Animals7.01987
HeartDog & Butterfly9.01978
HeartGreatest Hits Live7.01980
HeartHeart (77/78/80) plakatiga7.01981
HeartLittle Queen9.0
HeartPrivate Audition7.01982
HeartRock The House "Live!"7.01991
HelixLong Way to Heaven7.01985
HelixNo Rest for the Wicked7.01983
HelixWalkin`the Rezor`s Edge7.01984
HelloweenPink Bubbles Go Ape17.01991
Helluva BandAngel7.01976
Herbie HancockFeets Don`t Fail Me Now11.01979
Herbie HancockMagic Windows11.01981
Herbie HancockLite Me Up12.01982
Herbie HancockPerfect Machine10.01988
Herbie Hancock Quartet9.01982
Holger CzukayPhotos Song (45Rpm Maxi)9.01984
Honey Trippers (Robert Plant)Honey Trippers7.01984
Honeymoon SuiteBad Attitude (45 Rpm Maxi)5.01986
Honeymoon SuiteHoneymoon Suite9.01984
Honeymoon SuiteRacing After Midnight7.01988
Honeymoon SuiteThe Bib Prize7.01985
Human LeagueCrash8.01986
Human LeagueGreatest Hits10.01988
Human LeagueHuman (12" 45 Rpm single)5.01986
Human LeagueHysteria10.01984
Human LeagueLebano (12" Maxi)5.01984
Human LeagueLife On Your Own5.01984
Human LeagueRed (12" 45 RPM Maxi)5.01983
Human LeagueRed 7.01983
Human LeagueReproduction12.01979
Human LeagueSoundtrack Generation (2 " Maxi)5.0
Human LeagueUnlimeted Orchestra8.0
Human League - The League Unlimited OrchestraLove and Dancing15.01981
Human League (League Unlimited Orchestra)Love and Dancing (12" 45 Rpm single)5.01981
Humble PieCollection (2 LP)16.01985
Ian GillanFuture Shock7.01981
Ian GillanChris Tetley presens - Gart Rockett Moonshiners11.01990
Iron ButterflyEvolution - The Best Of26.91971
Iron ButterflyIn-A-Gadda-Da-Vida22.01968
Iron ButterflySun And Steel13.01975
Iron MaidenKillers19.01981
Iron MaidenPiece of Mind19.01983
Jack BruceAt His Best (2 LP)19.01971
Jackie JacksonCruzin7.01989
Jackson 5Joyful Jukebox Music (sealed)11.91976
Jackson 5Maybe Tomorrow8.01971
Jacksons2300 Jackson Street7.01989
JacksonsGreatest Hits 2 LP14.01981
Jamming With EdwardJamming With Edward (mint)21.01972
Jan AkkermanLive7.01978
Jan AkkermanTabernakel9.01971
Jan Akkerman & Kaz LuxELI12.01978
Jan Akkerman & Kaz LuxTransparental12.0
Jan HammerBlack Sheep8.01979
Janet JacksonControl7.01986
Janet JacksonDream Street7.01984
Janet JacksonJanet Jackson7.01982
Janet JacksonMiss You Much-You Need Me (45 Rpm maxi)5.01989
Janet JacksonRhytm Nation 1814 (45 Rpm Maxi)7.01989
Janis JoplinAnthology17.01980
Janis JoplinAnthology (2 LP) 1969/70/7117.01980
Janis JoplinFarewell song8.01982
Janis JoplinGolden Highlights (1968/69/71/75)9.01985
Janis JoplinGreatest Hits14.01973
Janis JoplinOST Janis (2 LP) + Book with photos 16 sheet19.0
Janis JoplinPearl12.01971
Jean Luck PontyAurora12.01976
Jean Luck PontyImaginary Voyage7.01976
Jean-Michelle JarreIn Concert Houston Lyon9.01987
Jean-Michelle JarreTakkyu Ishino Presents - Extendet/ Edith7.0
Jean-Michelle JarreMagnetic Fields8.01981
Jean-Michelle JarreOxygene12.01976
Jean-Michelle JarreOxygene18.01976
Jean-Michelle JarreRendez-vous12.01986
Jean-Michelle JarreZoolook12.01984
Jean-Michelle JarreThe Concert in China (2 Lp)11.01982
Jeff BeckFlash9.01985
Jeff BeckWired13.01976
Jeff BeckJeff Beck13.01980
Jeff Beck GroupBlow By Blow9.01975
Jeff Beck GroupJeff Beck Group16.01972
Jeff Beck GroupRough And Ready13.01971
Jeff Beck GroupMost of Jeff Beck - UK9.01969
Jeff Beck GroupJeff Beck Group with Rod Stewart8.01971
Jeff Beck with the Jan Hammer groupLive8.01977
Jeff LynnArmchair Theatre7.01990
Jeff WoodroffeOpposite Directions (Black Sabbath, Robert Plant...)7.01980
Jesse Johnson (Prince)Baby Let`s Kiss,Baby Let`s Kiss,Fools Paradis e(45" Rpm Maxi)5.51986
Jesse Johnson (Prince)Crazy feat. Sly Stone/Drive You Cadillac (45 Rpm Maxi)5.01986
Jesse Johnson (Prince)Love Struck (12" Single with 5 track)7.01988
Jethro TullA Passion Play15.01973
Jethro TullAeners29.0
Jethro TullBroadsword And The Beast15.01982
Jethro TullCrest Of Knave8.01987
Jethro TullHeavy Horses13.01978
Jethro TullLive (2 LP)13.01978
Jethro TullM.U. - The Best Of Jethro Tull9.01976
Jethro TullMinstrel In The Gallery14.01975
Jethro TullRock Island12.01989
Jethro TullSong From The Wood8.01977
Jethro TullStand Up15.01983
Jethro TullStormwach19.01979
Jethro TullToo Old to Rock`n`Roll: Too Young to Die10.01976
Jethro TullWar Child14.01974
Jim CapaldiFierce Heart7.01983
Jim CapaldiShort Cut Draw Blood11.01975
Jim CapaldiSome Come Running7.01988
Jim CapaldiSweet Smell of Sucsess7.01980
Jim ReevesJim Reeves7.0
Jim ReevesThe Country Gentleman7.01980
Jimi HendrixCry Of Love15.01970
Jimi HendrixIn The West13.01972
Jimi HendrixRainbow Bridge16.01971
Jimi HendrixSecond Time Around12.0
Jimi HendrixSmash Hits24.01968
Jimi Hendrix & Curtis KnightSpecial Sound8.0
Joan Jett & The BlackheartsI Love Roc`n`Roll9.01981
Joanne Brackeen & Ryo KawasakiTrinkets & Things11.01978
Joe BonamassaSo , It`s Like That18.02002
Joe CocerCivilised Man8.01984
Joe CocerCivilised Man (12" Maxi)5.01984
Joe CocerJoe Cocer!8.0
Joe CocerLuxury You Can Afford7.01978
Joe CocerMad Dogs & Englishmen (2 LP)12.01970
Joe CocerOne More Time7.01984
Joe CocerOne Night Of Sin7.01989
Joe CocerSheffield Steel7.01984
Joe CocerSomething To Sa7.0
Joe CocerUnchain My Heart7.01987
Joe CocerWith A Little Help from My Friends8.01969
Joe CocerWith A Little Help from My Friends8.01989
Joe Lynn TurnerRescue You8.01985
Joe SatrianiDreaming9.01988
Joe SatrianiI Believe9.01990
Joe SatrianiSurfing With The Alien11.01987
John FogertyCenterfield7.01985
John FogertyChange in the Weather7.51986
John FogertyEye of the Zombie17.51986
John FogertyJohn Fogerty7.01975
John Lee HookerJohn Lee Hooker16.01972
John LennonCollection7.01982
John LennonImagine10.01971
John LennonImagine (2 LP)16.01971
John LennonLive In New York11.01988
John LennonLive Peace In Toronto 196913.01969
John LennonMenlove Ave7.01986
John LennonRock`n`Roll10.01975
John Lennon - Plastic Ono BandImagine (12" Maxi)7.01971
John Lennon - Plastic Ono BandShaved Fish16.0197
John Lennon/Yoko OnoDouble Fantasy7.01971
John Lennon/Yoko OnoMilk and Honey5.01984
John LodocNatural Avenue7.01977
John MayallDevotion19.919.9
John MayallSomething New19.51971
John MayallTen Years Are Gone (2 LP)10.01973
John McLaughlinBelo Horizonte8.01981
John McLaughlinJohn McLaughlin with the One Truth band8.01979
John Wetton1972-198016.01987
John Wetton/ManzaneraJohn Wetton/Manzanera7.01987
Johnny Diesel And The InjectorsJohnny Diesel and The Injectors7.01989
Johnny WinterLivin`in the Blues10.01985
Johnny WinterStill Alive And Well16.01973
Judas PriestBest Of Judas Priest15.01978
Judas PriestKilling Machine14.01978
Judas PriestPriest ... Live! (2 LP)9.01987
Judas PriestTurbo13.01986
Judas PriestUnlashed in the East (Live in Japan)13.01979
Keith JarrettShades12.01976
Keith JarrettEl Juicio12.01975
Keith JarrettFacing You - Piano12.0
Keith JarrettThe Mourning Of A Star (with Charlie Haden ...)10.01971
Keith RichardsTalk Is Cheep9.01988
Kick AxeWelcome To The Club13.01986
KillerLady Killer11.01981
KillerYoung Blood12.01986
Killer DwarfsThe Killer Dwarfs10.01983
King CrimsonBeat26.01982
King Kobra (with Carmine Appice)King Kobra III11.01988
King Kobra (with Carmine Appice)Ready To Strike10.01985
King Kobra (with Carmine Appice)Thrill Of Alifetime10.01986
King Kurlee feat. Blackmore jr.Smoke on the Water ... 7.01991
KissAce Frehley (sealed)12.0
KissAlive! (2 LP)22.01974
KissBest Of Solo Albums9.01978
KissCrazy Nights14.01987
KissCreatures Of The Night9.01982
KissDouble Platinum (2 LP)22.01978
KissHotter Than Hell9.01974
KissLick It Up7.01983
KissLove Gun7.01977
KissPaul Stanley (sealed)12.0
KissRock And Roll Over14.01976
KrokusAlive and Screamon`8.01986
KrokusChange of Address11.01986
KrokusHeart Attack11.01988
KrokusOne Vice at a Time17.01982
LakeLake II10.01978
LakeParadise Island (Greg Lake from Emerson, lake & Palmer)7.01979
Led ZeppelinCoda21.01980
Led ZeppelinI29.01969
Led ZeppelinII27.01970
Led ZeppelinPhisycal Graffity (2 LP Saksa esipress)35.41975
Led ZeppelinThe Song Remains The Same27.01976
Led ZeppelinV19.01973
Lee AaronLee Aaron12.01984
LegacyThe Sabbath Continues17.0
Leonard CohenDeath Of A ladies` Man12.01977
Leonard CohenLove and Hate15.0
Leonard CohenRecent Songs12.01979
Lizzy BordenTerror Rising9.01987
Lizzy BordenMurderess Metal Road Show - Live (2 LP)17.01985
Lita FordDancin`On The Edge7.01984
Lou ReedBells12.01979
Lou ReedBerlin (raamatuga)14.01973
Lou ReedBlue Mask9.01982
Lou ReedGrowing Up In Public9.01980
Lou ReedLegendary Hearts7.01983
Lou ReedLive 9.01975
Lou ReedLive - Take Not Prisoners (2 LP)18.01978
Lou ReedLou Reed14.01972
Lou ReedMistrial9.01986
Lou ReedNew Sensations7.01984
Lou ReedNew York11.01989
Lou ReedRock`n`Roll Animal11.01974
Lou ReedRock`n`Roll Heart7.01976
Lou ReedSally Can`t Dance7.01974
Lou ReedStreet Hassle11.01978
Lou ReedTransformer14.01972
Lou Reed And The Velvet UndergroundAnother View18.01986
Lou Reed And The Velvet UndergroundCity Lights11.01980
Lou Reed And The Velvet UndergroundLoaded7.01970
Lou Reed And The Velvet UndergroundLou Reed And The Velvet Underground14.01967
Lou Reed And The Velvet UndergroundOriginal Rock Classic12.01973
Lou Reed And The Velvet UndergroundThe Velvet Underground and Lo Reed (Raamatuga)12.0
M.O.D.Gross Misconduct23.01989
MagnumAntology (2 LP)9.01985
MagnumChase the Dragon8.01982
MagnumGood Night L.A.7.01990
MagnumInvasion Live+interview (2 LP)16.01989
MagnumKingdom Of Madness8.01978
MagnumMagnum II7.01979
MagnumOn A Storyteller`s Night10.01985
MagnumCollection (2 LP)11.01990
MagnumEleventh Hour!9.0
MagnumSpirit (2 LP) Live11.01990
MagnumWings Of Heaven7.01988
MagnumVintage Magnum7.01980
Mahavishnu Orchestra Apocalypse11.01974
Mahogany RushIV10.01976
ManowarKings Of Metal (maxi - exklusove für die deutsher Fans)27.01988
MantasI´m on Fire/ Deceiver /12" 45 Rpm maxi)8.01989
Marie Frederiksson (Roxette)... Efter Stormen8.01987
Marie Frederiksson (Roxette)Den Sjunde Vagen7.01985
Marie Frederiksson (Roxette)Het Vind8.01984
MarillionBrief Encounter Mini LP8.01986
MarillionLive (Freaks, Kaylight, Childhoods End?, White Feather)8.01988
MarillionMisplaced Childhood17.01985
MarillionThe Thieving Magpie (La Gazza Ladra) 2 LP12.01988
Mark Farner1969-1971 (2 LP)251972
Mark FarnerMark Farner13.01977
Mark KnopflerFrom the film Cal (OST)7.01984
Mark KnopflerLocal Hero7.01983
Mark KnopflerTracker (sealed)19.92015
Michael JacksonAlbum7.01972
Michael JacksonBen13.01972
Michael JacksonFarewell My Summer Love7.01984
Michael JacksonJam 6 Remixes 12"Maxi (Roger.S., Teddy Riley, Steve "Silk" Hurley & E-Smoove rap by Heavy D)5.01992
Michael JacksonMix 40 (specially sequenced Hits) 2 LP13.0
Michael JacksonMusic & Me9.01987
Michael JacksonPortrait of Michael Jackson (and Jackson 5)10.0
Michael JacksonOriginal Soul of...19.01987
Michael JacksonXscape (sealed 2 lp)19.02014
Mick JaggerPrimitive Cool7.01987
Mick JaggerShe`s The Boss7.01985
Middle Of The RoadAcceleration9.0
Middle Of The RoadChippy Chippy Cheep Cheep, Tweedle Dee, Tweedle Dum7.0
Midnight Oil10, 9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,113.01982
Midnight OilBlue Sky Mining7.01990
Midnight OilDiesel and Dust8.01987
Midnight OilHead Injuries 7.01979
Midnight OilRed Sails In The Sunset13.01985
Mike OldfieldChrises8.01983
Mike OldfieldComlete (2 LP)11.01985
Mike OldfieldDiscovery9.01984
Mike OldfieldEarth Moving9.01989
Mike OldfieldExposed (2 LP)13.01979
Mike OldfieldFive Miles Out8.01982
Mike OldfieldImpression (2 LP)18.01980
Mike OldfieldIncantations (2 LP)12.01978
Mike OldfieldKilling Fields (OST)13.01984
Mike OldfieldOmmadawn10.01975
Mike OldfieldPlatinum11.01979
Mike OldfieldThe Complete (2 LP)7.01985
Miles DavisAura (2 LP)12.01989
Miles DavisDecoy17.01984
Miles DavisMiles Davies`Greatest Hits11.01969
Miles DavisMiles Davis In Europe (Antibes Jazz Festival)15.0
Miles DavisOut Of Nowhere10.0
Miles DavisPorgy and Pess (George Girshwin)13.0
Miles DavisQuiet Nights (arr. By Gil Evans)23.0
Miles DavisQuintet7.01986
Miles DavisScettches Of Spain13.01967
Miles DavisSome Day Prince Will Come (from original tapes)10.01990
Miles DavisThe Man With The Horn13.01981
Miles DavisYou`re Under Arrest19.01985
Miles Davis/Charlie parkerBird And Miles9.01988
MobyHoney - Promo10.01988
MobyInto the blus (2 Lp)8.01995
MobyMove (12" Maxi)8.01993
MobyRun On10.01999
Modern TalkingThe 1st Album8.01985
MountainLive (feat. Leslie West & Felix Pappalardi)10.01972
MountainThe Best of Mountain (feat. Leslie West & Felix Pappalardi)11.01973
MoveFire Bridge7.0
MoveI Cant Hear The Grass Grow/Flowers in the Train/Fire Brigade/Blackberry Way5.01986
MSG (Michael Schenker Group)Assault Attack12.01982
MSG (Michael Schenker Group)Built To Destroy9.01983
MSG (Michael Schenker Group)Michael Shenker Group7.01981
MSG (Michael Schenker Group)Michael Shenker Group9.01981
MSG (Michael Schenker Group)Portfolio (2 LP) - The Definitive Collection13.01987
MSG (Michael Schenker Group)Rock Will Never Die - Live!9.01984
MSG (McAuley Schenker Group)Perfect Timing7.01987
MudUse Your Imaginator7.01975
Muddy WatersMud In Your Ear10.01973
Mungo Jerry JXS 700010.0
Mungo JerryDNLS 30089
Mungo JerryGreatest Hits8
Mötley CrüeShout At The Devil19.01983
NazarethClose Enough For Rock`n`Roll24.01976
NazarethMalice in Wonderland16.01980
NazarethSnaz ( 2 LP )15.01981
NazarethThe Very Best Of Nazareth ( 2 LP )29.01984
Neil YoungHawks & Doves11.01980
Neil YoungLanding On Water12.01986
Neil YoungTime Fades Away7.01973
Neil YoungTrans12.01982
Neil Young & BluenotesThis Note`s For You15.0
Neil Young & Creasy HorseLife9.01987
Neil Young & Creasy HorseReactor12.01981
New OrderTouched By The Hand of Dub (45 Rpm Maxi)9.01987
New OrderFack 93a/b/Confusion/Confused Beats (Rpm Maxi)8.0
New OrderState/Shame 45 RPM Maxi8.0
New York DollsRed Patent Leather (red disc)19.0
NiceArs Longa Vita Brevis Est13.0
NiceArs Longa Vita Brevis Est (immediate uk series)15.0
NiceAutumn 67 - Spring 687.01972
NiceCollection (2 LP)17.01985
NiceHang On To A Dream13.0
Night RangerBig Life7.01987
Night RangerGreatest Hits7.01989
Night RangerMadness7.01983
NightwingBlack Summer10.01982
NightwingStand Up And Be Counted9.01983
NightwishOceanborn (sealed 2 LP)19.02015
NightwishAngels Fall First (2 LP sealed)19.01997
NirvanaIn Utero16.51993
NirvanaNevermind (sealed)16.51991
OmegaTime Robber13.01976
Orchestral Manoeuvres In The DarkArchitecture & Morality12.01981
Orchestral Manoeuvres In The DarkDazzle Ships9.01983
Orchestral Manoeuvres In The DarkTesla Girls (45 Rpm Maxi)5.01984
Orchestral Manoeuvres In The DarkPacific Age9.01986
OregonIn Performans (2 LP)14.01980
OregonRoots in the Sky9.01979
Oscar PetersonCarioca10.0
Oscar PetersonTraks - Piano Trio solo12.01970
Oscar PetersonTrio In Transition (2 LP)11.01976
Ozzy OsbourneSpeak Of Devil (2 LP)18.01982
Paco De LuciaAlmoraima7.01976
PaganiniIt`s A Long Way to the Top8.01987
PaganiniWeapon Of love7.01985
Paul McCartney12" Maxi7.0
Paul McCartneyAll The Best (2 LP)10.01987
Paul McCartneyFlowers In The Dirt8.01988
Paul McCartneyGive Me Regards To Broad Street8.01984
Paul McCartneyPaul McCartney (Anfon)8.0
Paul McCartneyPipes Of Peace10.01983
Paul McCartneyPress To Play9.01986
Paul McCartneyTug War8.01982
Paul McCartney & Linda McCartneyRam19.91971
Paul McCartney & The WingsBand On The Run8.01975
Paul McCartney &Stevie WonderEbony and Ivory5.01982
Paul SimonGraceland8.01986
Paul SimonGraduate (OST)7.01968
Paul SimonGreatest Hits, Etc.7.01977
Paul SimonHearts And Bones7.01983
Paul SimonOne-Trick Pony (sealed)9.01980
Paul SimonPaul Simon9.01972
Paul SimonStill Crazy After All These Years7.01975
Paul SimonThe Rhytm Of The Saints7.01990
Paul SimonThere Goes Rhymin` Simon8.01973
Paul SimonSong Book (UK)11.01965
Pet Shop BoysActually7.01987
Pet Shop BoysIt`s Allright5.01989
Pet Shop BoysWhat Have I Done To Deserve This (12" Maxi)9.01987
Peter CeteraSolitude/Solitaire7.01986
Peter Gabriel19807.01980
Peter Gabriel19827.01982
Peter Gabriel1982 Deutshes album7.01982
Peter GabrielBig Time 19875.01987
Peter GabrielBirdy9.01985
Peter GabrielShaking The Three - Twelve Golden Greats8.01990
Peter GabrielSledge Hammer 12" Maxi5.01986
Peter GabrielSo8.01986
Peter GordonShaken the Tree9.01990
Peter GordonWalk Trough the Firew (OST)17.01984
Peter GreenLittle Dreamer11.01980
Peter GreenWhatcha Gonna Do?9.01981
PhenomenaPhenomena II7.01987
Phil CollinsFace Value8.01981
Phil CollinsHello, I Must Be Going!8.01982
Phil CollinsI Don`t Bulding The Hague Holland (2 LP)10.01982
Phil CollinsI Wish It Would Rain Daun5.01990
Phil CollinsNo Jacket Required7.01985
Phil CollinsSerious Hits... Live! (2Lp)13.01990
Phil CollinsSussudio (12" Maxi)5.0
Phil LynottAlbum13.01982
Phil LynottSolo In Soho7.01980
Pink FloydAtom Hearth Mother39.01970
Pink FloydMeddle15.01971
Pink FloydMore (OST)40.01969
Pink FloydUmmagumma (2 LP)49.01969
PoisonFlesh & Blood12.01990
Pretty MaidsVump the Gun17.01990
PrincePrurple Rain8.01984
Prince And The RevolutionMountains (45 Rpm Maxi)5.01986
Prince And The RevolutionPurple Rain9.01984
ProclaimersSunshine On Leith7.01988
Procol HarumA Whiter Shade Of Pale7.01967
Procol HarumBroken Barricades9.01973
Procol HarumGrand Hotel (Raamatuga ja laulusõnadega)14.01973
Procol HarumProcol Harum i concerth with Edmonton Symphony Orchestra13.01972
Procol HarumRock Roots9.01976
Procol HarumShinin On Brightly/A Salty Dog (2 LP studio albums)12.01988
QueenA Day At The Races15.01976
QueenA Kind Of Magic15.01986
QueenA Night At The Opera29.01975
QueenA Night At The Opera12.01975
QueenGreatest Hits (Bulgaaria)7.0
QueenGreatest Hits (Maloodia)9.0
QueenHot Space7.01981
QueenHot Space22.01982
QueenInnuendo (2 LP sealed)24.02011
QueenQueen I32.01974
QueenSheer Heart Attack9.01974
QueensrycheNobility of Toxic Pharmaceuticals11.9
Quiet RiotCondition Critical7.01984
RainbowBent Out Of Shape23.01983
RainbowDifficult To Cure23.01981
RainbowDown To Earth Sealed)23.01979
RainbowFinyl Vinyl (2 LP)12.01986
RainbowLong Live Rock`n`Roll29.01978
RainbowLong Live Rock`n`Roll14.01978
RainbowOn Stage (2 LP)12.01977
RainbowStraight Between The Eyes15.01982
RainbowThe Best Of Rainbow (2 LP)29.01981
RamatamPortrait of the Artists as a Young Ram7.01978
RattInvasion Of Your Privacy10.01985
RavenAll For One10.01983
RavenStay Hard10.01985
RavenDevils Carrion (2 LP)10.01985
RavenPack Is Back9.01986
RavenRock Until You Drop17.01981
RavenWiped Out7.01982
Ray CharlesTrue to Life16.01977
Ray CharlesWould You Belive? (Sealed)10.01990
Red GarlandSatin Doll7.01983
Red GarlandStrike Up The Band11.01982
Return To ForeverRomantic Warrior9.01978
Return To Forever (feat. Chick Corea)Hymn Of The Seventh Galaxy13.01973
Return To Forever (feat. Chick Corea)No Mystery12.01975
Rick Wakeman19848.01981
Rick WakemanCriminal Reckord7.01977
Rick WakemanLisztomania OST8.01979
Rick WakemanNo Earthly Connection (UK, fooliumkilega)9.01976
Rick WakemanSix Wives of Henry VIII15.0
Rick WakemanThe Myths & Lgends of King Arthur and... Raamat21.01975
Rick WakemanThe Six Wives Of Henry VIII13.01973
Rick WakemanWhite Rock - OST of the Innsbruck Winter Olympics7.01977
Ringo StarrBlast From Your Past12.01975
Ringo StarrGoodnight Vienna8.01974
Ringo StarrRingo (raamatuga)8.01973
Ringo StarrRingo 201215.02012
Ringo StarrRingo The 4th 13.01977
Ringo StarrRotogravure13.01976
Ringo StarrStop and Smell the Roses (with Paul & George)13.01981
RiotFire Down14.01981
Robert Cray BandDon`t Be Afraid Of The Dark7.01988
Robert Cray BandStrong Persuader7.0
Robert PlantNow And Zen12.01988
Robert PlantShaken`n`Stirred12.01985
Robert PlantPrinciple of Moment9.01983
Robin GibbHow Old Are You? (Balkanton)12.01982
Robin TrowerBridge of Sighs (Jack Bruce, Bryan Ferry; Procol Harum)12.01974
Robin TrowerLive in Stockholms Concerthus9.01976
Robin TrowerTake What You Need7.01988
Robin Trower/Jack BruceTruce12.01981
RodsWild Dogs9.01982
RodsHeavier Than Tou18.01986
Roger GloverMask29.01984
Roger WatersThe Wall (Live In Berlin) 2 LP45.01990
Rolling Stones"Get Yer Ya-Ya`s Out!"11.01982
Rolling StonesA Low Rollers15.01969
Rolling StonesDirty Work9.01986
Rolling StonesEmotional Rescue8.01980
Rolling StonesLove You Live (2 Lp UK)19.01977
Rolling StonesMade In The Shade5.01980
Rolling StonesMore Hot Rocks (2 LP)12.01972
Rolling StonesRolling Stones7.01970
Rolling StonesSticky Fingers (lukuga)11.01971
Rolling StonesStill Life (American Concert 1981)8.01982
Rolling StonesStone Age The Rolling Stones9.01971
Rolling StonesTattoo You9.01981
Rolling StonesTrough the Past, Darkly (Big Hits vol.2) 1964-6913.0
Rolling StonesUnder Cover8.01983
Rondo` VenezianoVenezia 20007.01983
Rondo` VenezianoRondo` Veneziano8.01980
Rondo` VenezianoVeveziano 2007.01983
Rondo` VenezianoLa Sereniziano7.01981
Ronnie WoodNow Look15.01975
Ronnie WoodOn the Road Again11.01979
Rory GallagherCalling Card7.01976
Rory GallagherFresh Evidence10.01990
Rory GallagherJinnx14.01982
Rory GallagherPhoto-Finish7.01978
Rory GallagherThe Story So Far7.01974
Rory Gallagher and LyleBreakaway - vaheleht7.01978
Rory Gallagher and LyleSeeds13.01973
Rory Gallagher and LyleShowdown7.01978
Rough DiamondRough Diamond (David Byron)7.01977
RoxetteFading Like Flower (every time you leave)7.01991
RoxettePearls Of Passion8.01986
Roxy MusicAvalon8.01982
Roxy MusicFlesh+Blood7.01980
Roxy MusicFor Your Pleasure8.01973
Roxy MusicGreatest Hits7.01975
Roxy MusicManifesto7.01979
Roxy MusicHigh Road Musique Roxy (Live mini LP, 26 minutes)7.01983
Roxy MusicRoxy Music9.01972
Roxy MusicSiren8.01975
Roxy MusicStranded7.01974
Roxy MusicAtlantic Years 1973-19808.01983
Roxy MusicViva!8.01976
Roy HarperI Bet ween Every Line26.91986
Roy HarperTwelve inceh single (45 Rpm sinkle)15.01985
Roy WoodBoulders8.01973
Roy Wood - WizzardWizzard Brew (UK)18.01973
Rush A Show at Hands22.01989
RushExit ... Stage Leftt ( 2 LP )22.01981
ShoutIn Your Face14.01989
Sally OldfieldCelebration7.01980
Sally OldfieldIn Concert7.01982
Sally OldfieldPlaying The Flame7.01981
Sally OldfieldStrange Day In Berlin7.01983
Sally OldfieldWater Bearer7.01978
Sammy HagarAll Night Long8.01978
Sammy HagarDanger Zone7.01980
Sammy HagarSammy Hagar7.01987
Sammy HagarLooking Back7.01986
Sammy HagarSammy Hagar8.01977
Sammy HagarLoud & Clear - Live9.01979
Sammy HagarStreet Machine8.01979
Sammy HagarThree Lock Box7.01982
Sammy HagarVOA7.01984
Sarah VoughanInimitable (UK)7.01970
Sarah VoughanSarah Voughan & Billy Eckstine (UK)7.01969
Sarah VoughanSarah Voughan & Billy Eckstine (Hal Mooney & His O5rchestra)UK)7.01969
Sarah VoughanMore Sarah Voughan from Japan Live9.01975
Sarah VoughanSarah Voughan and her Trio7.0
SaxonDenim And Leather9.01981
SaxonPower & The Glory9.01983
SaxonRock The Nations11.01986
SaxonRock`n`Roll Gypsies16.01989
SaxonStrong Arm Metal13.0
SaxonWheels Of Steel7.01980
ScorpionsBest Of Scorpions7.0
ScorpionsBest Of Scorpions Vol.27.01984
ScorpionsGold Ballads12.01979
ScorpionsCrazy World12.01990
ScorpionsHot And Heavy7.01990
ScorpionsNo One Like You (3 song Maxi)9.01985
ScorpionsTaken By Force7.01977
Scott Joplin19169.019717
Simon & GarfunkelBookends11.0
Simon & GarfunkelParsey, Sage, Rosemary & Thyme (UK)15.01966
Simon & GarfunkelCollection - 17 Of Their All-Time Greatest Recordings10.01981
Simon & GarfunkelGreatest Hits8.01972
Simon & GarfunkelSound Of Silence8.01968
Simon & GarfunkelThe Concert In Central Park (2LP)10.01981
Sir Douglas QuintetBorder Wave7.01981
Sir Douglas QuintetQuitessence - With Doug Sahm And Augie Meyers7.01982
Sir Douglas QuintetTogether After Five7.0
SladeAlive! (Itaalia)11.01972
SladeAmazing Kamikadze Syndrome10.01982
SladeOld New Borrowed and Blue14.01974
SladeSlade In Flame17.01974
SladeWhatever Happened To Slade18.01977
Sliced PimplesBrains Condemned (+ plakat, palju materjali)10.01984
SmokieGreatest Hits7.01977
SmokieThe Montreux Album8.01978
Soft SellNon Stop Erotic Cabaret7.01981
Soft SellThis Last Night ...11.01984
Soft SellArt of Falling Apart15.01983
SomkieMontreaux Albub8.01978
SomkieGreatest Hits7.01977
Sonic YouthWashing Machine (2 LP) sealed19.0
Spandau BalletDiamond7.01982
Spandau BalletHeart Like A Sky10.01989
Spandau BalletI`ll Fly For You 12" Maxi5.01984
Spandau BalletJourneys To Glory7.01981
Spandau BalletParade7.01984
Spandau BalletSingles Collection9.01985
Spandau BalletThrough The Barricades7.01986
Spandau BalletThrough The Barricades (45 Rpm 12" Maxi)5.01986
SparksBest Of17.01977
SparksBig Beat10.01976
SparksIsland Years (5 esimest LP-d + download card)75.0
SparksBig Beat10.0
SparksBest of17.01977
SparksIsland Years (5 esimest LP-d + download card)75.0
SparksThe Best Of The Two Worlds featuring Joao Gilberto9.01976
SpellboundBreaking The Spell7.01984
SpellboundRockin` Reckless7.01985
Spyro GyraFeaturing Jay Beckenstein7.01980
Spyro GyraAlternating Currents11.01985
Spyro GyraSpyro Gyra11.0181
Spyro GyraFreetime11.01981
Spyro GyraFeaturing jay Beckenstein7.01990
Spyro GyraAlternating Currents11.01985
Stan GetzJazz-History - Stan Getz vol.2 (2 LP)13.0
Stanley ClarkeFind Out!7.01985
Stanley ClarkeJourney To Love7.01975
Stanley ClarkeLet Me Know You10.01982
Stanley ClarkeModern Man7.01978
Stanley ClarkeScool Days7.01976
Stanley ClarkeTime Exposure7.01984
Stanley Clarke And George DukeThe Clarke / Duke Project7.01981
Stanley Clarke And George DukeProject II10.01983
Stanley Clarke and George Duke37.01990
Stanley Clarke, Chick Corea, Joe Henderson...The Griffith Park Collection12.01982
Starfighters (Stevie Young)In Flight Movie8.01982
Starfighters (Stevie Young)Starfighters8.01981
Status Quo12 Golden Bars Volume 25.01984
Status QuoBlue For You8.01976
Status QuoHello!7.01973
Status QuoLive (2 LP)8.01977
Status QuoNever Too Late7.01981
Status QuoPiledriver10.01972
Status QuoRocking All Over The Years 2Lp14.01990
SteeloverGlove Me12.0
Stephen StillsRight By You7.01984
Stephen StillsStephen Stills 210.0
Stephen StillsStills7.01975
Steve HackettCured8.01981
Steve HackettDefector8.01980
Steve HackettPlease Don`t Touch!9.01978
Steve HoveBeginnings18.01975
Steve JonesFire And Gasoline7.01989
Steve LukatherLukather7.01989
Steve VaiFlex-Able Leftovers12.01998
Steve VaiWarfare12.01990
Stevie NicksBella Donna7.01981
Stevie NicksRock A Little7.01985
Stevie NicksThe Other Side Of The Mirror7.01989
Stevie Ray Vaughan And Double TroubleCouldn`t Stand The Weather19.01984
Stevie Ray Vaughan And Double TroubleSoul To Soul19.01985
Stevie Ray Vaughan And Double TroubleTexas Flood7.01983
Stevie Ray Voughan - Vaughan BrothersFamily Style12.01990
Straight UpFaster and Deeper7.0
StryperTo Hell With the Devil10.01986
SuperchargeI Think I`m Gonna All Fall (In Love)17.01978
Supertramp...Famous Last Words...8.01982
SupertrampBreakfast In Diffany7.01979
SupertrampChrisis? What Chrisis?7.01975
SupertrampEven In The Quietest Moments...7.01977
SupertrampIndelibly Stamped13.01971
SupertrampParis (2 Lp)11.01980
Suzi QuatroQuatro19.91974
Suzi QuatroSuzi...and Other Four Letter Words19.91979
SweetFeaturing "Little Willy" & "Blockbuster"8.01973
SweetBiggest Hits7.01972
SweetGreatest Hits17.01986
SweetOff the Record UK18.01977
SweetStarke Zeiten8.01988
Sweethard Centres - The Rock Ears7.01987
SweetStrung Up (1 LP - kontsert)7.01975
SweetStrung Up (2 LP)7.01975
SweetSweet 2th the wigwam-willy mix5.01985
ZebraNo Tellin` Lies7.01984
ZodiacCosmic Sounders29.01967
ZZ TopEl Loco15.01981
ZZ TopFandango!10.01975
ZZ TopFirst Album15.01980
ZZ TopRough Boy (Maxi single)5.01983
ZZ TopStages/Hi Fi Mama (Maxi single)5.01985
ZZ TopTejas (1976)16.01976
Zuccero Fornaciari199129.01990
T.Rex10th Century Boy5.01991
T.RexExtended Mix (3 LP)12.01985
T.RexGet It On (UK)15.01971
T.RexGreatest Hits11.01972
T.RexGreatest Hits7.01985
T.RexMarck Bolan & T.Rex (2 LP)23.01985
T.RexYou Scare Me To Death7.01981
T.RexTanx (UK)28.01973
T.RexThe Best Of T.Rex feat. Marc Bolan8.01971
T.RexTeenage Dream 13.01987
T.RexTill Dawn (2 LP)12.01983
T.RexWax Co. Singles A`s And B`s 1972-1977 (3 LP)29.02012
T.Rex with Marck BolanChild Star19.0
Tangerine DreamExit15.01981
Tangerine DreamRubycon10.01975
Tangerine DreamSorcerer7.01977
Tears For FearsShout (45 Rpm Maxi)5.01984
Tears For FearsEverybody Wants/To Rule the World 1(45 Rpm Maxi)5.01985
Tears For FearsSeeds Of Love9.01989
TechnotronicPump Up The Jam (45 Rpm Maxi)7.01989
Ted NugentAmboy Dukes (USA teine press)7.0
Ted NugentAnthology (2 LP)12.01986
Ted NugentCat Scratch Fever9.01977
Ted NugentFree-for-All8.01976
Ted NugentIf You Can`t Lick `Em... Lick `Em7.01988
Ted NugentLittle Miss Tangerous8.01986
Ted NugentNugent (with Appice)10.01982
Ted NugentPenetrator7.01984
Ted NugentState of Shock8.01979
Ted NugentTed Nugent7.01975
Ted Nugent`s Amboy DukesTooth, Fang & Claw (Live) USA15.01974
Thijs Van LeerCollage7.01980
Thijs Van LeerIntrospection7.01972
Thin LizzyCold Sweat14.01981
Thin LizzyChinatown15.01980
Thin LizzyRenegade12.01981
Thin LizzyThe Collection (2 LP)25.01985
Thin LizzyVagabonds of the Western World39.01973
Tigers of Pan TangWild Cat7.0
Tight FitLions Sleeps Tonight12.01982
Tom Fogerty (CCR)Excalibur7.01972
Tom WaitsAsylum Years (2 LP)26.01984
Tom WaitsBounced Checks181981
Tom WaitsClosing Time171973
Tom WaitsRain Dogs19.91985
Tom WaitsSmall Change171976
Tom WaitsSwordfishtrombones141983
Tom WaitsThe Heart Of Saturday171974
Tommy BolinPrivate Eyes12.01976
Tommy BolinPrivate Eyes6.01976
Tony MacalpineEdge Of Instanty7.019886
Tony MacalpineMaximum securiti8.01987
TouristsLuminous Basement (lisa 7" singliga)12.01980
TouristsReality Effect7.01979
TouristsThe Tourists (vaheleht)7.01979
TouristsThe Tourists (vaheleht)9.01979
Traveling WilburysVol. 38.01990
Traveling WilburysVol.18.01988
TreatScratch and Bite7.01985
Trevor RabinCan`t Look Away7.01989
Trevor RabinWolf7.01981
Twisted SistersCome Out And Play (Saksa esipress)9.01985
Twisted SistersStay Hungry7.01984
U 2Boy12.01980
U 2Joshua Three8.01986
U 2October8.01981
U 2Unforgettable Fire12.01984
U 2War10.01983
U 2Desire (45 Rpm Maxi)5.01988
UDOAnimal House24.01987
UDOAnimal House (2 LP)35.01987
UDOFaceless world35.01980
UFOCollection (2 LP)18.01985
UFOForce it7.01975
UFOBest of9.01972
UFOLights Out7.01977
UFOMaking Contact12.01983
UFOWild The Willing & The Innocent11.01981
UltravoxMonument (OST)7.01983
UltravoxThree Into One12.01977
UltravoxUltravox! (Prod. Bryan Eno)11.01977
UltravoxU-Vox (2" Maxi 45 Rpm , roheline)5.01986
UltravoxU-Vox (punase-triibuline ümbrise kate)9.01986
Uriah HeepDemons and wizards (SNC)10.0
Uriah HeepBest Of...13.01975
Uriah HeepDemons and Wizards20.01972
Uriah HeepFallen Angel15.01978
Uriah HeepLive in Moscow19.01973
Uriah HeepLive January 1973 ( 2 LP )29.01973
Uriah HeepLook At Your Self12.01971
Uriah HeepSalisbury/Gipsy (live) //Backstage Girl 45 Rpm maxi5.01971
Uriah HeepStill `Eavy, Still Proud25.01970
Uriah HeepUriah Heep C60-14801/2 Melodia, Pildiga20.0
Uriah Heepvery eavy, very umble19.9
Van Halen51508.01986
Van HalenDiver Down7.01982
Van HalenOU 8129.01988
Van HalenPanama (12" Maxi)5.01984
VandenbergBest Of7.01988
VandenbergHeading For A Storm9.01983
WaystedSave Your Prayers11.01986
Weather Report8:3019.01979
Weather ReportHeavy Weather9.01977
Weather ReportMr.Gone12.01978
Weather ReportMysterious Traveller7.01974
Weather ReportNight Passage (2 LP)19.01980
VerityInterrupted Journey9.0
White TigerWhite Tiger (with Mark- Ex Kiss, David Donato ex Black Sabbath) 11.01987
White WolfEndangered Species7.01986
WhitesnakeCome An`Get It19.01981
WhitesnakeLove Ain`t No Stranger/Slide It In (American mix)11.01984
WhitesnakeNow You`re Gone (12" Maxi)15.01989
WhitesnakeReady an' Willing (UK esipress)15.01980
WhitesnakeSlide It In13.01984
WhitesnakeSlip Of The Tongue8.01989
Whitesnake (David Coverdales Whitesnake)Snakebite7.01978
Wild DogsWild Dogs9.01983
WingerIn the Heart of the Young (Winger II)7.01990
WingsAt The Speed Of Sound7.01976
WingsBack To The Egg7.0
WingsGreatest Hits9.01978
WingsLondon Down7.01978
WingsRed Rose Speedway11.01973
WingsVenus and Mars13.01975
WingsWinga Over America (3 LP)12.01976
Vinnie MooreMind`s Eye7.01986
Vinnie MooreTime Odyssey9.01988
Virginia WolfPush7.01987
VisageBeat Boy11.01984
Within ReachWithin Reach10.01976
Voodoo ChildTake It Home - Strings (sealed)10.02003
WrathChildStakk Atakk11.01984
Wynton Marsalis (trumpet)Wynton Marsalis7.01982
Wynton Marsalis (trumpet)Hot House Flowers9.01984
Wynton Marsalis (trumpet)Portrain of...7.01983
Wynton Marsalis (trumpet)Standard Time Vol.2/Intimacy Calling9.01991
Wynton Marsalis (trumpet)Carnaval11.01987
Wynton Marsalis (trumpet)Trumpet Concertus (Hayddn, HummelMozart) vaheleht7.01982
X-RayHard Section (Jaapan)24.01983
Y & TBlack Tiger8.01982
Y & TContagious7.01987
Y & TIn Rock We Trust7.01984
Y & TOphen Fire (Live!)7.01985
Y & TOphen Fire (Live!)7.01985
Y & TSummertime Girls (12# Maxi)5.01985
YazooUpstairs At Eric`s8.01982
YazooYou And Me Bath7.01983
YazooNobody`s Diaryy/State Farm (45 Rpm Maxi)5.01983
YellowVicious Games (12" Maxi)5.01985
Yellow Magic OrchestraXoo Multiplies11.01980
YesBig Generator8.01987
YesClose To The Edge15.01972
YesClose To The Edge (2 LP)14.0
YesGoing For The One16.01977
YesHeaven & Earth (2 LP)29.02014
YesTopographic Oceans27.0
Yngwie J.MalmsteenTrial By Fire13.01989
Yngwie J.Malmsteen`s Rising Force Marching OutRising Force10.01984
Yngwie J.Malmsteen`s Rising Force Marching OutStudio/Live `8510.01985
Yngwie J.Malmsteen`s Rising Force Marching OutTrilogy (Mint)13.01986
Yoko OnoStarpeace7.01985